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NanoTori, the land of minds and ideas, is a startup that was established in 2020. Nanotori relies on an arsenal of 15 notable professors to provide solutions, R&D development your own product and help you start up.

NanoTori’s Golden Circle


Nanotechnology is a common word these days, but many of us don’t realize the amazing impact it has on our daily lives.Thus the first step in applying such technology in novel green products, is to fully perceive its outstanding capabilities.


With the team of Nanodesigners that are well known in thier desigenated fields, Nanotori unviels the secrets of nanotechnology that allows you and/or your business to grow.


Nanotori focuses on education and getting information to the public. Therefore promoting nanotechnology by providing Research and Development, Educational toolkits, Consultancy, Training, and Events.


We are creative, imaginative and innovative designers committed to bringing the sustainable codes of practice and experience to you through eye-catching experiments, novel and green products, bottom-up courses, training, tools, media, and services.


To become a leading company that constructs bridges between europe and developing countries to obtain maximum contribution that builds a greener and a more sustainable world.